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Phenolic Prima Indonesia


We are a manufacturer of Low Voltage Copper PVC-Insulated Electrical Cable, based in Jakarta, INDONESIA.


We have some well known cable brands in Indonesia which include ETERNA, PRIMA, GOAL, and BUANA, as well as EAA.

Our product ranges are :

- Single core copper cable of NYA (1x1.5 - 1x150 mm2) 

- Single Core cable of NYY (1x35 - 1x500 mm2)

- Multiple core copper cable of NYM and NYY (2x1.5 - 4x120 mm2)

- Galvanized Steel Tape - Flat Armored multiple core copper cable of NYRGBY /

   NYFGBY (2x1.5 - 4x95 mm2)

- Flexible single core of NYAF (1x1.5 - 1x240 mm2) 

- Flexible multiple core of NYMHYO/NYYHYO (2x0.75 - 4x35 mm2).





We comply to Indonesia Standard of SNI, SPLN (Indonesia National Electrical National Company Standard) and LMK (Indonesia Electrical Society), as well as International Quality Management Standard of ISO 9001:2008 from TUV.



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Our email is : ppicable@yahoo.com