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Phenolic Prima Indonesia

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We manufacture Low Voltage Copper PVC-Insulated Electrical Cables.

Our well known brands in Indonesia include ETERNA, PRIMA, GOAL, BUANA, and EAA.


Our product ranges are :

- Single core copper cable of NYA (1x1.5 - 1x150 mm2) 

- Multiple core copper cable of NYM and NYY (2x1.5 - 4x120 mm2)

- Galvanized Steel Tape - Plate Armored multiple core copper cable of NYRGBY /

   NYFGBY (2x1.5 - 4x95 mm2)

- Flexible single core of NYAF (1x1.5 - 1x240 mm2) 

- Flexible multiple core of NYMHYO/NYYHYO (2x0.75 - 4x35 mm2)